Who Are We?

Here's what you need to know about us

We Love Technology

Software should help people, not hinder them. We design and build software that people want and work to perfect it over time.

We Listen

We are not the experts in your industry and don't pretend to be. By working together we can come up with the best solution.

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What Do We Do?

We stick to the things we do best


We specialize in web applications that use the latest technology and optimal stability, scalability, and performance.


We have expertise in various SQL and NoSQL providers. Sometimes the ideal solution is a combination of the two.


We love to put stuff on maps! We design and build blazing fast systems to search and visualize data on maps.


Need two disparate systems to communicate or want to put a fresh face on a legacy system? This is one of our core competencies.


We can help manage all aspects of hosting your web applications, including monitoring, analytics, and backups.


Are you mired in your technology or stuck dealing with someone else's bad decisions? Let us help guide you out of the nightmare.


A sample of the technology we like to use

Building applications for the web is our bread and butter. We like to write clean, efficient code and value quality, maintainability, and reusability.

When it comes to web development, we take a "mobile-first" approach, though catering to mobile users can sometimes be a moving target. It may make more sense just to build native mobile apps. In either case, we have the expertise to help.

JavaScript frameworks have redefined what is possible in web applications. We think of these frameworks as a way to avoid reinventing the wheel, allowing us to complete projects in less time with a lower cost. Some of our favorites include Vue.js, React and Angular.

From the ability to develop and deploy on any platform, to the tremendous ecosystem of tools and libraries, we have jumped on the Node.js bandwagon. We also have expertise in frameworks such as Express and Hapi.

We have decades of combined experience developing in C# and love working with ASP.Net MVC and ASP.Net Web API. We also write applications for Windows, including user-facing software and services.

We have tons of experience with Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL, in both programming and operations. We feel that if a table needs more than a few indexes, it was designed incorrectly.

We have expertise in NoSQL document stores, such as MongoDB and Elasticsearch. This technology can be awesome, especially in cases where data is less structured or needs to be searched ad-hoc.

We use tools like Grunt and NPM to help consistently manage dependencies, build, and deploy code. We feel it's worth the extra effort to set things up correctly upfront and save a lot of time later.


We work together throughout the process


We don't expect you to have all of the answers upfront. We will work with you to gather requirements so that we can give you accurate estimates and time frames. We realize that surprises aren't always a good thing!

Design & Development

We will continuously work and report progress. Want to see how the project is progressing? Simply access the development site. Our goal is to get feedback as quickly as possible.

Go Live & Beyond...

We plan to stick around after the project has successfully launched. We are proud of what we build and want you to be too. Let us help gather user feedback and improve what we can.

Let us help make your project a success!
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